Wang Huai Qing
Self & Self Shadow
97 x 75 cm
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WANG Huaiqing
Chinese (b. 1944)

Born in Beijing, Wang Huaiqing was one of only 40 students from a pool of 30,000 applicants selected to attend middle school at the prestigious Central Academy of Fine Arts. Later obtaining his BFA and then MFA from the Central Academy of Arts and Crafts, Wang was immersed in the government-sponsored art programs during the Cultural Revolution. Initially a student of interior design, much of Wang Huaiqing’s art takes inspiration from the lines and deconstruction of traditional furniture and the sculptural elements of building interiors. His deep-rooted nostalgia for Chinese traditional culture lies at the core of his aesthetic, which displays a sense of crisis originating from the artist’s perception of the disconnection between current social
culture and tradition. Such emotion may stem from Wang’s time spent in labor rehabilitation during the Cultural Revolution in China, where he learned to paint under the modern Chinese master Wu Guanzhong.

Selected Solo Exhibitions:
Leal Senado Temporary Exhibitions Gallery, Macao, 1999
Ling and Keng Gallery, Taipei, Taiwan, 1999
“Traces of Nature” Art Retreat, Singapore & Yan Gallery, Hong Kong, 2005

Selected Awards and Accolades:
First Award, Beijing Art Exhibition, Beijing, China, 1984
Bronze Medal, The 7th National Art Exhibition, China National Art Museum, Beijing, China, 1989
Gold Medal, The 1st Annual Exhibition of Chinese Oil Painting, China National Museum, Beijing, China, 1991
Academic Award, The 2nd Chinese Art Academies Biennale, Guangdong Art Museum, Guangzhou, China, 2003